About Study Bursaries

The Story

The Trust provides bursaries to residents of Waenhuiskrans who want to study further after school or to acquire craftsmanship.

The Trust does not have access to a large bursary investment fund. The bursary money was usually collected through donations from a small group of homeowners in Waenhuiskrans. For the past two years, Arniston Wines and Belgian retail group Delhaize have also supported the Trust’s study project.

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Bursary applications for 2019 are now CLOSED. But if you would like to inquire and request more information, please email us at arnistonbursaries@gmail.com.

In 2005, the trust provided assistance to three students. In the years before 2005, few students from Waenhuiskrans continued their studies. Of the first three students in 2005, the number has gradually increased to 43 students in 2019. About R5.9 million was paid out as bursaries during the period.

Among the qualifications obtained are medical (one); nursing (three); engineering (two); rights (three); education (three); accounting and business management (four); technology (four); social work (one); urban planning (one); sports management (seven); as well as technical courses in construction and related skills such as welding and electricity. Eleven students obtained qualifications in tourism-related industries.

The Outcome

How do we measure the outcomes of the scholarship program?

  • Prior to 2005, fewer pupils from Waenhuiskrans studied after school than in comparable communities in the province.  Now Waenhuiskrans has more students than comparable communities.
  • The overall performance of the students is significantly better than that of comparable bursary programs.  This is thanks to close support from the community and also because of additional support from the Trust.
  • It is too soon to measure the impact on the community.  Most of the students are still early in their careers. Some of them work in Waenhuiskrans or Bredasdorp, but most work elsewhere.  Some of the students who work do not have strong job security.  The value of the scholarship program is visible in the lives of the students, but their impact on the wider community will only be measurable later.
  • Two institutions, the British Institute of Health Measurement and the World Bank, have indexes linking health and performance in people’s lives to educational indicators.  Both indices provide that educational assistance such as scholarships is important to students, even if the impact is only measured over decades.  Such programs are a motivation for communities to invest in human capital.

2021 Applications are now open.

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If you need more information regarding the bursary program please send us an email to arnistonbursaries@gmail.com.

Application Guidelines

  • The Trust allocates bursaries to students from the fishing community in Waenhuiskrans.
  • Any prospective student who lives in Waenhuiskrans may apply.

Support the Trust

If you wish to help us by making a donation, please make a direct cash deposit to our bank account.

  • Account holder: The Waenhuiskrans / Arniston Community Development Trust
  • Bank: Absa Savings Account
  • Account number: 933 087 1403

Please notify Lizelle Vos at lizellevos@gmail.com

For more information, contact any of the trustees.

Contact The Trust


Andre Marthinus
Tel: (028) 445 9156
Cell: (082) 932 5968
Email: evandre@telkomsa.net

Colin Bird
Tel: (021) 425 3218
Cell: (083) 675 0369
Email: cbird@plantrust.co.za